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West, Green & Associates, P.L. practices exclusively in the area of Marital and Family Law. Orlando Divoce Attorneys Richard D. West, and Caryn M. Green are Board Certified in Marital and Family Law, by The Florida Bar, and Richard is a fellow in the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers as well as the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.


As Orlando's largest matrimonial Family Law firm our Divorce Attorneys objectives are to settle your disputes quickly and discreetly using alternative mechanisms whenever possible.


However, with a broad background and depth of family lawyer experience litigating contested matrimonial and custody matters, our attorneys are ready and able to litigate your divorce to conclusion when settlement is impossible.


Our divorce attorneys and staff are dedicated to providing superior, personalized service, while working to obtain maximum results for our clients.

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Representing family law cases in Orlando requires a lot of expertise and this is the reason that our clients find comfort in the experienced divorce attorney’s at West Green & Associates, PA, who can handle their case efficiently.  There are a number of categories under family law like the child custody, child support, divorce cases, property partition and lots more. Out of all the categories, the divorce law cases are highly sensitive and should be tackled only by Board Certified attorneys.  If you are going through a tough time in your life and want caring assistance, please allow our experienced lawyers guide you with personalized service.


Our divorce attorneys understand your feelings and the stress that you are experiencing. That is why they are dedicated in offering the best family law services to regain your quality of life and can get you back on track. Though there might be many law firms in Central Florida to consider, here are some important factors to consider while hiring the best divorce attorney.



The best option is to find and trust a Board Certified Family Lawyer as they have many years of experience and the right knowledge, trial and negotiating experience which is necessary to resolve your matter efficiently.



We hear from many clients about previous legal relationships that were very weak in the information and communication that existed between them and their family law attorney. Most of the lawyers do not bother to communicate with their client on a regular basis.  As a result, the clients do not receive any information about the progress of the case. Therefore make sure that you choose a lawyer who can talk to you regularly and also adhere to your queries.


Comfort level:

Your attorneys must make sure that you understand all areas of the case and are comfortable with all aspects. If you are unable to discuss all your concerns, there is no point in hiring that firm. The comfort level with your attorney is one of the biggest attributes that you should consider. In choosing the best divorce attorney, do not feel like you need to compromise while hiring any lawyer as this decision will make a significant difference in your results.

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